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Item Reviews for: Orange Crush CR120H Guitar Amplifier Head  -  ORA CR120H LIST

Well Built Solid State Amp - Glad I Waited!
By: Kenny,      Submitted: 1/9/2014

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General Your general opinion of this product. First Orange product that I have ever purchased and I have known about Orange for a while now. I played the OR15 at a local music store but it had the orange covering. I did some looking on the web and found out that they were available in the black tolex covering also. I ordered the CR120H, without ever playing through it, based on the quality and sound of the OR15 and even though it wasn't tube, I was very impressed. Global master volume and reverb controls, separate volume and eq. controls for each channel plus effect loop option. Switches feel solid, tough metal amp chassis, knobs and jacks feel tight and solid - NO looseness. 3 different built reverb settings via the 3 way mini toggle switch and NO headphone jack on this one, which can't short out and cause your speaker to cut in and out, which was a common problem that I had on another companies amp that had a poor quality 1/8" jack. I see why Orange waited to get on the solid state amp wagon - They wanted to do it right.