Item Reviews for: Peavey 3120 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head  -  PEV 3120H LIST

    Simple to your face Metal amp!
    By: Timbelial      Submitted: 4/1/2013

    Overall Rating


    General Your general opinion of this product. Crunch and Lead channel has active EQ so barely adjusting the Knobs the tone changes dramatically. Simple to use and comes w/ 3 button footswitch and long enough cable. I like the effect loop and via/ effect by-pass switch on the footswitch. Great for running delay for solos. The overdrive/distortion on the 2 hot channels is really what sold me. Crunch channel is great rock to metal sounding and the ultra is the melting point. You want that metal to deathmetal sound? Then this amp is it. Plenty of head room and loud as f***! 4 EL34s and 4 12Ax7s. Great top end sizzle and plenty of bottom when you need it.
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