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    Item Reviews for: Peavey 6534 Plus Guitar Amplifier Head  -  PEV 6534HPL LIST

    Pure British Saturation and Tone !!!
    By: John      Submitted: 3/1/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Having sold my JCM 900 1 year ago and working with modeling since, I got back in another working rock/metal band. So I started looking for a head FAST read some reviews on this and heard some clips on YouTube. I liked what I heard , but none local to try. I took the chance and ordered one from AMS and could not be happier.I did try a 6505 at GC and im just partial to EL34's. Man this thing has so much clarity and useable saturation compared to my old JCM 900 ID NEVER GO BACK. Takes effects great,im using a G-Major 2 in the loop and a Boss OD-1X,Wampler Comp. and ISP Decimator in the front. With the ISP its very quiet at drummer levels and the channel switching is quiet and fast. Im also very happy with the clean channel for what I play (its a little grity at band level), its not fender clean but that's not what im looking for. It also sounds good at bedroom volume running it into a 1/12 Cab. Ive had a lot of amps and with out a doubt this is the most useable head ive ever owned
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    Poorly Made, Amp broke under 2 weeks, Gently Used.
    By: Robert Bayless,homeinmyhead23@Yahoo.com      Submitted: 3/5/2014

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    Your general opinion of this product. Peavey has been a huge disappointment to me, I was finally able to afford there product and was very happy with it for the first 2 weeks, after a day of the amp working fine I turn the amp on to notice that the tubes are not warming up nor am I getting sound out of my cab. I did research and I found out that a 8 pin connector inside the circuit burned out not allowing my tubes warm up thus not allowing sound. HUGE ISSUE and a random issue can happen to any 6505 or 6534 users.
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