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Item Reviews for: Peavey Predator Plus Stoptail EXP Electric Guitar  -  PEV PRPLSSTEXP LIST

"wow I love this thing" simply put mr. bad a -- what a guitar super fast at first i couldnt keep up
By: Steven Bloom from WILLISTON FLA. USA      Submitted: 1/20/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? At first I had trouble keeping up so fast .What a sweet neck simple to play .Not so heavy can really control my tricks .great guitar Quality What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music? The quality is flawless tunes good holds tune can really handle my style.IS A LITTLE ROUGH Feel Heavy, fast, chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing? The feel is very comfortable .plays super fast easy to play rock or country with steel bends .Fits my fat hands very well . Tone How is the tone? Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick or thin? Played at first with tube amp pickups were killer .Had no problem playing my parts made me sound great. Finish How did the stain or paint job look? Paint jobs nice .The overall look is impressive / my opinion is when your performing nobody has they're eyes tuned as much as the ear Value Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range? Great sounds like a thousand dollar bill Playability How was the action out of the box? Fast and Furious IM NOT MESSING WITH IT plays perfect