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    Best in the price range
    By: Roderick Cartier Sr. from Corpus Christi, texas,      Submitted: 3/7/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. This is it! Especially for small Banda to medium events. I run a small production company and the on board recording allows me to get those few extra dollars. All the built in effects you can use. The screen is easy to use and the I Pad integration is great for sound checks. You can allow the band to adjust their own monitors from their phones by just down loading the app. The 8 sends are great American musical also had the CBI snake with 8 sends. This makes it easier to use in earn monitors for singers and drummer and others for wedges. Motorized faders and you can save your setup if you play the same places so next time it's done.
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