Item Reviews for: PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI Digital Mixer  -  PRS SLM3242AI LIST

    Great mixer, but still missing HUGE key feature for the money
    By: morris88      Submitted: 1/21/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Bottom line: this is a really great mixer for both live & studio use. But what myself & SO MANY OTHERS out there can't figure out - is why put all of this effort & great features into a great mixer/DAW controller like this and leave out the ONE single feature that nearly every single other mixer/controller out there on the market (especially in this price range) offers and has become a near NECESSITY by now for most: is the COMPLETE LACK OF NO AUTOMATED FADERS!!!! All you still with this thing is ancient technology of 'STORE & RECALL SCENES' - which again, is ridiculous considering that 'moving faders with instant recall' has become a clear industry standard by now, PLUS even after nearly 3 different revisions of this Presonous console over the last few years - they STILL for some strange reason - simply refuse to upgrade them to 'instant automated faders - which would make the ENTIRE mixing process 20X faster & easier. Give us this upgrade & this WOULD be one of the best mixers.
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    Awesome Mixer, glad I got it!
    By: Troy Gutrick      Submitted: 8/31/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? I've been been recording and doing live sound for 24 years now.I thought that moving to digital would be a hard transition,but to my surprise and this wonderful mixer the switch was an easy one. I also studied this thing to the fullest on youtube and found a ton of useful tips on it's use.. Thank you American Music Supply for making it affordable to make that change..
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