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    High quality tube studio microphone
    By: JB Rocker from Highland Park, NJ, USA      Submitted: 10/17/2012

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    General Your general opinion of this product. I'm very happy with this microphone. It's not the only Rode mic I own but it's the one that gets the most use by far. Some voices are better served by different microphones but the K2 always sounds good to me, and maybe that's the best advice I could offer: This mic will work for you and sound great. Are there other alternatives? Plenty! However, I think it sounds as good as microphones that cost a lot more (certain popular mics by Blue, AKG, Shure) although this is hugely subjective (and I have and use some of those other mics too!). So, at this price point, I would say you won't regret owning this microphone and you may find it will stay in the front of your cabinet for years to come.
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