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Item Reviews for: Roland G5 VG Stratocaster Electric Guitar with Gig Bag  -  ROL G5 LIST

My Multi-tasking guitar
By: Telepicker from Bryan, Texas USA      Submitted: 7/27/2012






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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? The neck and feel of the guitar is very competitive with my American Strat. The finish is very good quality. I picked the sunburst model so it would match my American Strat. They included American tuners on this baby so I've not had any tuning issues. Intonation was great from the get go but I alsways get a guitar tech to set up my guitars for me anyway. Now for the tuning modes etc. The 12 string is very very convincing and sounds very well. The Drop D tuning is neat and I use it also. Haven't mastered some of the other tunings yet although my next one to tweak will be the baritone. The fat Tele & Strat models are good also. I read one review where a guy was ticked because it didn't have a digital out where he could drive his guitar synth. This guitar is not designed for that. It's for taking the place of a couple of guitars or so, to keep you from having to drag two or three guitars around. For that part it is great! It does what it says it will do! General Your general opinion of this product. I love the playability of this guitar! I really can't tell much difference in it and the American Strat as far as feel, playability & tone. They did a good job on this baby. It was just a bummer to get a gig bag instead of a good hard case for this fine instrument. The guitar gets 5 stars. The company gets one (for the gig bag) I mean come on, you drop over a grand on a guitar, you should get a good case for it! Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? Very smooth, yet the Tele & Strat models do have bite & punch. Finish How did the stain or paint job look? Very good