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Item Reviews for: Roland KC880 Keyboard Amplifier  -  ROL KC880 LIST

Way better then I imagined
By: Jake from San Francisco, CA, USA      Submitted: 2/7/2013







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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? While I dislike the animal hair/filth attracting fuzzy texture of the covering the KC-880 is probably one of the most well built and heavy duty amps for any instrument I have ever used. It is surprisingly heavy with a very rugged grill. The knobs and jacks seem very sturdy. The optional wheels seem a little small but they are rugged enough to wheel this thing down the sidewalk. It kinda looks like toy in the pictures so I was surprised at how heavy and well made it was when I got it. Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? The features are great. The amount of inputs and mixing options built into the amp and the overall range of the speakers and cabinet make it a great swiss army knife amplifier. You can use this with not only keyboards but it sounds great using a digital pre-amp/fx unit in front of it with guitar or bass. You could run an entire mix through it and reach a decent volume for a small gig. It is basically a portable PA on wheels. The built in effects are nice to have in case you need them and ability to expand the system with a second kc-880 or a sub is appreciated. Overall you get all the features you would want from a keyboard amp at a very high quality. There are probably more features then you would actually use in most situations. Sound How is the tone? This thing sounds great and has a very helpful EQ to help shape your tone to your liking. Before I purchased this amp I heard a lot of trash talking about how the sound of KC series and how they handle bass. I think maybe a lot of people's bad experience with these amps might come from overloading the inputs or using the mixer poorly. I tried running a variety of synth patches and samples through this thing and it reproduced them very clearly at low a high volume with a flat EQ. I ran some very bassy patches and electronic sequenced drums and they had a lot of punch and I didn't hear any breakup in the sound even at very high volume. I am very impressed not only by the quality of sound but the clarity of the sound at high volumes and the baffling wideness of the stereo imaging. I am not sure what the naysayers are talking about but I am very pleased with how it sounds. I also have to say that I tried this with a guitar and a line 6 Pod X3 live and was very impressed. General Your general opinion of this product. Overall I think it is a very useful addition to any musicians set up. I am a multi-instrumentalist and find myself in a lot of different performing situation. It is nice to have an amp that can be used for a majority of those situations and sound good doing it. Value Was this item an overall good value? I must admit I was extremely hesitant about dropping that much cash on this thing but I found this to be infinitely useful for not only keys but for running electronic sequences, guitar and bass. This amp is rugged, useful and sounds great, if broke I would buy another and I am considering getting a second one to fully use some of the stereo features. I haven't regretted dropping the cash on it so I consider it a good value.