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    Excellent value,some issues
    By: Thilo Guntzel      Submitted: 5/16/2015
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    General What is your overall opinion of this product? Compact, crisp and powerful. Up there with powered speakers costing almost twice as much. Fits into those carry-on size, rolling suitcases with the telescoping handles. Easy to transport that way. Some issues I've had were: The trim breaks easily. While the larger molded cabinet pieces are sturdy, the skinny strips in between come loose and look unsightly. The power socket should be more recessed: When using the D412 as a floor monitor it can topple onto the back panel and damage parts that stick out i.e. the power cord plugged into the socket. As of last night I'm faced with a blown capacitor (electronic component). Speaker's dead. I might buy a new one and keep this one for parts. Having it repaired is not economical since I live in a remote location. If you buy online all you can do to a broken one is to replace it. If I had more paid gigs I would rather save up for a QSC or EV
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