Item Reviews for: Schecter Omen 6 6 String Electric Guitar  -  SCE OMEN62012 LIST

    This is a great guitar for the MONEY.
    By: MjA,      Submitted: 4/27/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I purchased two of the Omen 6 guitars, one in gloss white the other in walnut I love them both, the neck is perfect for me the guitars beg to be played, the fit and finish on both guitars are perfect, out of the box they played great I changed strings putting a set of 8's on one and Hybrids on the other (46-9) the guitars are so easy to set up nothing like a strat or tele which take a little more time, I oiled the fret board sprayed some finger ease on the neck and that guitar played like a dream, I was able to get pretty low action without any fret buzz, I bought a $1,500 dollar Les Paul a few months back and I enjoy playing these guitars more. Schecter did a fabulous job on designing these guitars and purchasing one doesn't break the bank.
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    Needs A Good Setup In Order To Be A Good Player !
    By: Jeffrey Osgood      Submitted: 9/22/2013

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    What is your opinion of this product? For the price, it's not that bad, but Schecter shouldn't mislead the public with the " Setup in the USA " stickers that are on the guitar. I say that because whoever supposedly did this, did a lousy job. I had to do a complete setup from top to bottom which also included adjusting the truss rod which was too tight .
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