Item Reviews for: Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 Electric Bass Guitar  -  SCE STC4 LIST
beautiful bass with beautiful tone
By: charlie fye      Submitted: 9/23/2014
Overall Rating


General What is your overall opinion of this product? I found this bass on ebay. It is a little beat up but that doesn't affect the sound and gives it a little character. I was pleasently surprised by the sound of this bass. I have only played it thru one of my amps (practice amp) so I really can't tell how it will sound thru a bigger amp. But, it sounds GREAT thru my practice amp which usually translates to WONDERFUL into my bigger rigs. It's got some good low end without being muddy and a great hi cut thru type of sound in the highs. Not as snappy as my P=bass but acceptable. Not real versital but what sounds you get are really very useable for most gigs. Overall, one of my favorites..
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