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    Item Reviews for: Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar 12 String Acoustic Guitar  -  SEA COASTS12 LIST

    Blew me away!
    By: Grinner      Submitted: 5/12/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I have a solid rosewood Maritime Seagull six string which costs twice as much. This guitar actually sounds better and has twice the sustain (approx. 18 sec when I draw my pick lightly across the strings). Don't get me wrong, the Maritime is a beautiful sounding guitar, especially when using an amp, but this cheaper-cost 12-string beat it out. There are two challenges with most economy 12 strings. First keeping it in tune-this guitar stays in tune with almost no adjustment. Second, string "buzz" that distracts from the overall sound--this guitar has remarkably clear and distinct sounds while strumming chords. Really should have gotten the acoustic electric version, but really couldn't afford to shell out the extra 130 bucks for the Q1 electronics. A last thought... This is the top-of-the line 12 string that Seagull makes. Perhaps they were so happy with the result, they decided not to pursue a solid body 12?
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