Item Reviews for: Shure PGX Digital Instrument Wireless Mic System wBeta 98H  -  SHU PGXD14BTA98 LIST

    Good Product But Be Careful
    By: Jairo Martinez from Los Angeles, CA, United States      Submitted: 5/1/2013
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    Likelihood to Repurchase Your general opinion of this product. I'm using this mic for an accordion and it works fine but I have had very bad feedback issues. On the mixer the green light comes up even when I am not playing meaning that it is picking up all the surrounding noise. Naturally with all this noise coming in, I cannot afford to put any monitor volume on this mic or else I'll get horrible feedback. But at the FOH point of ear, it sound great and is very well countoured for the instrument. On a Flat EQ it sounds a bit centered around the mids but it still sounds great, I'm sure that there is a way to get rid of feedback though so I will focus more on the sound. It great. Plus an accordion is a low volume instrument compared to something like a sax or a trumpet so its worth a shot.
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