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SKB-18: a case for all seasons!
By: Serge from Ontario, Canada      Submitted: 8/2/2012

Overall Rating


General Your general opinion of this product. Overall, the SKB-18 looks like an excellent case that will protect its contents for years to come. It should fit a variety of guitars, but check first. I have tried the following guitars in this dreadnought-sized case: Larrivée L-03 (not a dread, I know! guitar moves around with the lid open, not with the lid closed); Epiphone AJ500 Masterbilt: case fits like a glove; Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan: the longish headstock makes it a very close fit (you have to gently push the headstock down), while the case looks to have been molded on the body. 5 stars.
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