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    Great secure feeling road case
    By: Eddie O from California      Submitted: 8/3/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. The SKB - 62 case (Jaguar / Jazzmaster) fits PERFECTLY. Looks OK if it must be checked on an airline, but who knows what the baggage handlers could conspire to do - it's not an anvil case, after all. But the guitar is snug (doesn't move around), and the case is pretty light. It has TSA locks, and a better latch mechanism that Gator (which doesn't make a Jaguar/Jazz case as far as I can see from their website): the latch requires you to reach under and squeeze a tab, ,then pull up. Looks quite secure. For the record, I got this case not for a Jag or Jazz, but a new brand R-800 from John Backlund Designs. It's an offset style guitar, and turns out this case works perfectly for it.
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