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Tascam DM4800 Is A Multi-Purpose High Quality Digital Mixer! Learning Curve Required!
By: Jantony from Southfield, MI USA      Submitted: 6/18/2012

Overall Rating


General Your general opinion of this product. Great product from Tascam! I'm very satisfied with this unit and have purchased the MU1000 Meter Bridge (along with the IF/FW MKII firewire card). While my productions took a break while I learned enough of how to use the board and integrate it into my DAW, I'm now back to work producing music and it never sounded better! The Tascam DM-4800 has been a wonderful addition to the arsenal. However, it is not a board for the meek! ;-) If you want a top of the line mixing desk, the DM-4800 is the board for you, but plan on investing both the funds to purchase and the time to learn how to use it. In both cases, you won't be disappointed.
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