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Item Reviews for: TC Electronic BC210 Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet  -  TCE BC210 LIST

Quality at its finest
By: Wight Boy      Submitted: 9/5/2013








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General What is your overall opinion of this product? The sound is a true match with the BH500. I am using it along with my 410. I will work on get two more of the 210 cabinets to more easily adjust to various stage assignments. NOW, the guitar player will never overpower me on stage. Quality How is the quality of the product? Was it well made? So far, so good. Let me put some mileage on it and I'll tell you. One good thing, the equipment handlers appreciate it. Features Are the features on the product what you were expecting? What are your favorite features? More than I expected. Unbelieveable sound quality. Sound How is the sound quality? How does the sound compare to other products you've use? Like I said... unmatched pure sound quality with a little extra on the side to punch out on demand. Tone How is the tone? very versitile and matched perfect to the BH500. Value Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range? Price is a little steep. But, you get what you pay for. I hope it is going to last long enough to appreciate the cost.