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    not exactly what I wanted... BUT....
    By: from United States      Submitted: 6/5/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I was looking for a medium grit type of overdrive... more than the 'just a little hair' you read about, but less than a full distortion, and after reading some excellent reviews I got this... and hated it. The reviews that said it is 'dark' are pretty spot on... and the grit is waaaaay too wooly for me. I was disappointed. But, before boxing it up I played with it for a while... and lo and behold.. found a sweet spot. a not very distorted, 'just a little bit of hair' sweet spot that is BEAUTIFUL... I can't even describe it. so now it's on all the time... the touch responsiveness means it's on for clean songs... and running into another OD it sounds amazing for grit... I hated it on it's own... but with the distortion way down it shines... I love it. Certainly not what I bought it for, but glad I have it now.
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