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    It is pretty good so far..
    By: Anton      Submitted: 4/10/2014

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I really was interested in this product.. I play acoustic guitar solo and in a duo.. I usually play in standard tuning. Sometimes, I get requests for songs done in open tunings or tuned down a half step and This is where I thought this would come in handy.. The installation was simple and straight foward. Took me less than fifteen minutes.. I put them on my Taylor 110e. Did a "String up" to restring it and it worked very well.. DId my first test and viola.. It took about 20 seconds but it worked very well.. Tried tuning down a half step.. Less than 20 seconds.. Of course, when I put my capo on, auto tuning it is difficult without a setting for the capo on each fret that I play on.. I may just program them in though.. Overall, I really like them!
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