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Item Reviews for: VocoPro DVX890K Multi-Format DVD/DivX Karaoke Player  -  VOC DVX890K LIST

Pleased with past experience with this product.
By: Jim Daggett from Camden, Arkansas, USA,      Submitted: 9/5/2011




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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? Very well made and having hauled it around to lots of different venues, it surely must be pretty tough. Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? I love the echo effect. Just a slight echo effect makes for a professional sounding vocal performance. Ease of Use How easy is this product to use? How easy is the product to use with other products? Did it take long for you to learn to use this product? Was the manual helpful? How playable do you consider this product to be? I have been using a dvx890k for a few years now at senior centers, nursing homes, churches, and have been very happy with the ease of use, and especialy the sounds. My old unit got lightning damage (I have since bought a surge protector) and I ordered a new dvx890k from american music supply. It is still top quality, and they have actually improved the microphones, so it has even a better sound. Sound How is the tone? very good tone, very nice sound from music and vocals. General Your general opinion of this product. thru past experience with this product I have been very well pleased with this product. Value Was this item an overall good value? yes.