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Excellent Bass For The Price!
By: Ed T. from Farmington Hills, MI USA      Submitted: 7/7/2013










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General What is your overall opinion of this product? You can't go wrong with this bass. I've owned a Corvette Pro 6 in the past and this bass is not too far removed from the quality of the Korean made Pro line. Quality What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music? Overall workmanship of this bass in quite excellent. From the solid beefy neck to the signature 3D bridge and the clean electronics; everything is well constructed and nothing seems cheap about the instrument. Features Are the features on the product what you were expecting? What are your favorite features? The 3D bridge, the Just-A-Nut 3 system and the easy to access truss rod will facilitate easy adjustments and get you the action you're looking for quickly. Feel Heavy, fast, chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing? Out of the box this bass played quite well. With a few tweaks to the nut and the bridge I had the action pretty much right where I wanted it. If I could change anything, I'd like to see the heel of the neck sit a little more flush with the body to allow even lower action, but that's a personal preference. I can't really gripe about a bass this well made at this price point. Tone How is the tone? Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick or thin? The tone is amazing! I've gotten so many compliments on it over the past eight days I've been playing it. Finish How did the stain or paint job look? Awesome! Value Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range? Excellent! Playability How was the action out of the box? Excellent!