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Adendum: Firewire Interface
By: Vanessa J from Somewhere IN USA      Submitted: 6/17/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. ADENDUM: The mLan interface noted in the video and the instruction manual HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. It has not been available since approximately 2006. However, a check of Yamaha's website shows that the same interface has basically been rebranded as the FW16E and is, per the same website, compatible with the Motif Rack XS. If you type "Yamaha FW16E" into American Musical's search window the product comes up, but it only lists it as compatible with the newer Motif XF. But it is the same interface as the prior-named mLan16E and, again, IS compatible with the Motif Rack XS per Yamaha's website.
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