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Love these speakers
By: DJohn      Submitted: 11/13/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? Having gone through the usual suspects for PA sound reinforcement and stage monitors over the years (Mackie, JBL, Toa) these speakers totally rock. I currently have two of these in use as floor monitors in a composition room. Their sonic presentation is full and balanced through the sonic spectrum. Most of the sources we play through these are vintage analogue and digital synthesizers...with lots of demanding dynamic range. These speakers handle everything we through at them without breaking a sweat. With no input signal and the line level gain on the speakers set to +4db these things are dead silent. This is great for critical listening of digital piano passages. Bass response for a 12" driver lacks nothing. Plus, when asked to, these things can go LOUD. And the loud is a GOOD loud. I can't imagine a better, more balanced speaker for our needs than these. They are built like a tank (a good thing) fortunately we don't gig around with these as they weigh ~52 lbs. a piece.