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Item Reviews for: Yamaha SW118V Club V PA Subwoofer  -  YAM SW118V LIST

Nice Product
By: SndGood from St Louis, MO, Columbus, OH      Submitted: 7/18/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. I've seen several comments regarding this speaker good and bad. I chose these because it was cost effective and it delivers good sound. There are others out there but i was specific in my need. As noted you do need a crossover I set my x over point around 70hz to just ahead of the bottom end of my full range speakers (EV SPX300 or EV ELX115) I use either and older QSC USA1300 or the GX5, plenty of power. Remember set crossover to sum/mono. I first test my configurations out prior to an event to know optimum performance before I leave home. Yes they're heavy that's why they make wheels put em on a cart. They may not over power like a EV/JBL or Peavey but they will do the job if one does the proper preperation