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    Very Nice and Super Useable
    By: Mic Sovek from Schenectady, NY      Submitted: 12/10/2012

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    General Your general opinion of this product. I originally bought this just to use for Christmas shows that i do every year at nursing homes and used the Fender mods only, then i started to use it at church for worship rehearsals on wednesday nights (still don't use it for Sunday services, use a bigger midi set up with volume pedal and wah, full blown cover anything board, albeit digital still sounds great imho)... Since my church doesn't like amps to be used i comply and use digital stuff to FOH and a Avion inear setup for stage, however with my band i still like to use tube amps, most recently an ole Marshall Artist 4203 and a Egnater Tweaker combo... this is the reason i'm writing this review, i tried it in the effects loop to add a little reverb and took out all the other stuff (amp mods, eq's, modulation, everything), then i figured since it's in the unit let's try the noise reduction, cool noise gone when i have high gain runnin' with no signal degeneration, well lets try the delays, yup they sound good too. (continued below
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