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    8 Track mixer, with all the frosting...
    By: Drew      Submitted: 1/26/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Looking for a solid mixer, I landed upon this bit of kit here, and it delivers quite the length more. * 8 inputs, 1/4" cords or all XLR inputs, plug it in. I wanted something for that "live" momentum, so I've not really dealt with the DAW side of it, but it records the tracks splendidly. Which can then be transferred off the SD-Card digitally. Any "cons" would be that it takes a lot of amps to Volume this, at the start, I felt like I was MaXing all volumes; I've since gone away from computer speakers (headphone out) to real monitors (1/4" output)...and that made the difference. This is a mixer... all the extra stuff, recording+DAW is a splendid plus. I've got guitar, synth, mic, drum machine, Nintendo DS Etc, running into this mixer and I always press record before jamming about...with no doubt; this is what I needed.
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    8 tracks live and so much more
    By: BB Ready      Submitted: 4/3/2014

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    Your general opinion of this product. I bought this unit to enter into the world of digital recording. Luckily it records all by itself without the DAW software. The learning curve for interfacing the R16 and using the DAW is a little steep for me. For now I can use it stand alone. I like that.
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