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Whirlwind EGC20 Guitar Instrument Cable

$10.95 - $52.95
From  $10.95ex VAT      $10.95inc VAT
Get Whirlwind quality at an economical price! This flexible, low-noise cable is a great deal. Features include high quality connectors and a durable wrapping for years of ...
Options Available
World Tour Keyboard Stand

$9.95 - $24.95
From  $9.95ex VAT      $9.95inc VAT
The World Tour Keyboard Stand is a heavy-duty steel single X -braced keyboard stand that will hold 49, 61, 76 and 88-key keyboards with a maximum weight of 130 lbs. Secure-Lock height adjustment from 25.25 ...
Options Available
Zildjian T3255 Drum Stick Bag

From  $9.95ex VAT      $9.95inc VAT
The Zildjian Drumstick Bag is Zildjian's standard drumstick bag. Features include dual ties, carry handle and outer velcro closure ...
Options Available

Imagelab FS9T Slide and Negative Scanner

$34.95 - $69.95
From  $34.95ex VAT      $34.95inc VAT
The ImageLab FS9T Slide and Negative Scanner was designed with the user in mind. Insert your negatives or slides into the trays and press one button to scan. The Imagelab FS9T scanner transforms ...
Options Available
Hosa Cable Effects Pedal Cable

$2.95 - $11.95
From  $2.95ex VAT      $2.95inc VAT
An affordable and convenient to connect side-input/output effect pedals. This 6-inch cable has right angle plugs so you have place your pedals very close together without unnecessary lengths of cable laying on the ...
Options Available
CBI Artist Hot Shrink Guitar Instrument Cable

$9.95 - $18.95
From  $9.95ex VAT      $9.95inc VAT
CBI Artist Hot Shrink cables are USA-made with high-quality CBI Artist 24 gauge wire. Neutrik nickel 1/4-inch connectors are hand-soldered for high-quality construction. For extra durability, the ends are ...
Options Available

Zildjian 5B Black Dip Drum Sticks

$8.29 - $49.95
From  $8.29ex VAT      $8.29inc VAT
Zildjian 5B Black Dip Drum Sticks; The Comfortable DIP Grip Reduces Annoying Stick Drops! Thanks to its drop resistant coating, medium sized dimensions and teardrop bead, The Zildjian 5B ...
Options Available
Zildjian 7A Black Dip Drum Sticks

$8.29 - $49.95
From  $8.29ex VAT      $8.29inc VAT
The Zildjian 7A Drum Stick provides a slim profile for light touch and great articulation. The DIP material is a special coating that is applied to the grip area of the stick to provide a comfortable, slightly ...
Options Available
G7th Newport Guitar Capo

From  $24.95ex VAT      $24.95inc VAT
The G7th Newport Guitar Capo allows you to achieve fast and accurate capoing with fine tune adjustment! Its light weight and low profile makes it easy to position it where you need on the ...
Options Available

Korg CA1 Chromatic Guitar and Bass Tuner

$14.39 - $15.99
From  $14.39ex VAT      $14.39inc VAT
The Korg CA1 chromatic guitar and bass tuner features an ehanced design with new features based on the best selling Korg CA30 chromatic tuner. Ultra-compact, LCD Needle-Style Chromatic ...
Options Available
Revolve Rescue 1350 Portable Battery Charger and Cables

From  $29.99ex VAT      $29.99inc VAT
Never run out of power again with the Revolve Rescue 1350 Portable Battery Charger and Cables ! The Rescue 1350 will charge thousands of devices such as iPhone, Curve/Bold, Droid, EVO, Kindle, ...
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