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Aquarian Drum Heads

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Snare Drum Heads

$10.95 - $18.95
From  $10.95ex VAT      $10.95inc VAT
Evans Genera HD Dry Snare heads feature two plies of film. An outer ply of 5mil film and an inner ply of 7.5mil film, in combination with a 2mil overtone control ring on the underside that 'floats' with the head, ...
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Aquarian Performance 2 Clear Drum Heads

$10.95 - $18.95
From  $10.95ex VAT      $10.95inc VAT
The Aquarian Performance 2 Clear Drum Head deliver that big, fat, low tom sound heard on countless classic rock and roll records. Performance 2 drumheads were designed for loose tuning to get ...
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Aquarian Super 2 Drum Heads

$12.95 - $21.95
From  $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
The Aquarian Super 2 Clear head with Studio-X Ring produces an incredibly focused sound which is both warm and punchy. The Aquarian Super 2 Clear drum head features Wet attack, lot's of bottom ...
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Aquarian Response 2 Drum Heads

From  $8.95ex VAT      $8.95inc VAT
Aquarian Response 2 Clear Drum Head Provides full sound, great attack and consistent tone from drum to drum. These two ply heads are manufactured using Aquarian's vacuum process which eliminates air ...
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Aquarian Texture Coated Drum Head - 14"

From  $14.95ex VAT      $14.95inc VAT
The Aquarian Satin Finish Texture Coated drumhead is a coated, single ply, medium weight drumhead. The Satin Finish is the thinnest and most durable coating ever developed. Unlike conventional ...
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