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    From  $299.95      $299.95
    5 Payments of $59.99
    Whether you are a touring drummer or you do studio work, the MXL Drum PA-5K Pro captures every detail of your unique sound. The MXL Drum PA-5K Pro 6-piece microphone pack consists of one MXL A-55 KICKER Dynamic ...

    From  $99.95      $99.95
    3 Payments of $33.32
    Dynamic microphone tuned specifically for kick drums and other low frequency applications such as bass guitar amps. The A-55 Kicker utilizes a cardioid pickup pattern to pinpoint the best sound while minimizing ...

    From  $199.95      $199.95
    3 Payments of $66.65
    The MXL DRUM PA-5K microphone pack captures the deep bass and low-end punch while maintaining clean and clear pickup for fast attacks plus the warm notes of toms without low-end distortion. Set includes one A-55 ...


    From  $249.95      $249.95
    5 Payments of $49.99
    Featuring a fast transient response, the mics accurately pick up every scintillating detail of your performance while staying unobtrusive. The MXL DRUM PA-5K+ 5-piece microphone pack covers the needs of the studio ...

    From  $109.95      $109.95
    3 Payments of $36.65
    You will love the big, full-bodied sound of this unconventional-looking mic. The MXL Cube delivers powerfully clear and natural percussion. Its gold-sputtered, 6-micron diaphragm delivers professional sound, and a ...