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    Korg GA1 Guitar and Bass Tuner
    From  $17.99ex VAT      $17.99inc VAT
    The Korg GA1 offers the same excellent features as the top selling GA30 tuner but with a new enhanced design!   Ultra-compact LCD Needle-Style Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner ...
    Korg GA40 Guitar and Bass Tuner
    From  $18.99ex VAT      $18.99inc VAT
    The Korg GA40 provides superior features like a large, easy-to-see, LCD needle-style display. The GA40 dedicated Guitar/Bass Tuner is a great value! This dedicated, easy-to-operate guitar/bass tuner ...
    Korg CA1 Chromatic Guitar and Bass Tuner

    From  $15.99ex VAT      $15.99inc VAT
    The Korg CA1 chromatic guitar and bass tuner features an ehanced design with new features based on the best selling Korg CA30 chromatic tuner. Ultra-compact, LCD Needle-Style Chromatic ...

    CruzTOOLS GTMLT1 Guitar and Bass Multi Tool

    From  $15.95ex VAT      $15.95inc VAT
    The CruzTOOLS GTMLT1 Guitar and Bass Multi Tool provides guitar and bass players with a highly functional and ultra compact tool set. The first multi-tool for guitars and basses that’s actually ...
    Guitar Lab 50 R and B Bass Grooves You Must Know DVD

    From  $19.95ex VAT      $19.95inc VAT
    Guitar Lab’s innovative learning systems employ a hands-on approach where students “play” their way through the curriculum using learning tools such as PIP video, practice rhythm tracks, and ...
    AKG WMS40 Mini Dual Mix Set Vocal And Instrumental UHF Wireless System

    From  $199.99ex VAT      $199.99inc VAT
    The AKG WMS 40 Mini2 Dual Instrumental and Handheld Wireless System combines both your instrumental and vocal wireless needs into one convenient package. AKG has designed their Mini2 systems with ...