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Celestion Guitar Speaker

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Celestion Rocket 50 Guitar Speaker

$29.95 - $139.95
From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
The Celestion Rocket 50 Guitar Speaker is a great all around 12 inch replacement for cabinets or combos. Lots of high end harmonics and smooth mid bass with no boomy bottom to clog the rippin’ top end. 50 watts, 8 ...
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Celestion G10N40 Guitar Speaker

$69.00 - $249.00
From  $69.00ex VAT      $69.00inc VAT
4 Payments of $62.25
This classy 10 inch is a true 'modern vintage' guitar speaker, that delivers an exceptionally well balanced tone that has real Celestion pedigree. The Celestion G10N-40 guitar speaker is ...
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Celestion G10 Vintage Guitar Speaker

From  $95.00ex VAT      $95.00inc VAT
The G10 Vintage is the natural evolution of the well-respected Vintage 10. Closer to the sound of the Vintage 30 than its predecessor, the G10 Vintage still maintains a distinctive tonal flavour of its ...
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Celestion Eight 15 8-Inch Guitar Speaker

From  $29.00ex VAT      $29.00inc VAT
The Eight 15 is ideal for upgrading your bedroom blaster with authentic British tone. Well-balanced mids and highs complement a surprisingly meaty bottom end - it's just about the biggest sounding eight inch ...
Options Available
Celestion Ten 30 Guitar Speaker

From  $35.00ex VAT      $35.00inc VAT
Rich and expressive, the Ten 30 combines warm lows with a vocal mid-range and an articulate top end. The clean sound is open and revealing; push hard and you're rewarded with full-blooded Celestion ...
Options Available
Celestion V-Type 12-Inch Guitar Speaker

From  $99.00ex VAT      $99.00inc VAT
Combining decades of experience with advanced measurement and analysis, the V-Type has been built using a carefully balanced 'recipe' of old and new design techniques. It produces a heady, exciting modern vintage ...
Options Available

Celestion G12T Hot 100 Guitar Speaker

From  $99.00ex VAT      $99.00inc VAT
The Celestion G12T Hot 100 Guitar Speaker features a massive 100 watt power handling capability with an enhanced mid bass response for beefing up hybrid combos and half stacks. The G12T Hot 100 ...
Options Available
Celestion A-Type 12-Inch Guitar Speaker

From  $99.00ex VAT      $99.00inc VAT
Inspired by modern American tones, the A-Type guitar speaker is a different kind of speaker from Celestion! Of course, it still has the musical and revealing three- dimensional quality that is the heart and soul ...
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