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Dimarzio Paf

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DiMarzio PAF Humbucker Pickup

From  $64.95ex VAT      $64.95inc VAT
Classic vintage tone - a smooth, almost voice-like quality - the DiMarzio PAF Humbucker Pickup has that intangible swell to the notes after attack. It possesses vintage output, and breathes freely ...
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DiMarzio DP759 PAF 7 7 String Humbucker Pickup

From  $69.95ex VAT      $69.95inc VAT
As the popularity of 7-string guitars has grown, DiMarzio has received increasing requests for a clean-sounding, lower-output pickup that performs like the classic humbuckers of the late '50s. Far from being a ...
DiMarzio DP213 PAF Joe Satriani Neck Pickup

From  $64.95ex VAT      $64.95inc VAT
The PAF Joe™ is the new neck pickup that DiMarzio developed for Joe Satriani. Joe wanted a neck position humbucker that combines the best qualities of the DiMarzio PAF Pro® with those of a late '50s Gibson ...

DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro Humbucker Pickup

From  $69.90ex VAT      $69.90inc VAT
The DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro Humbucker Pickup was created when chops-intensive playing was first starting to happen, and high-gain amps and rack systems were becoming popular. A pickup was needed ...
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