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Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric Guitar Strings

From  $5.99ex VAT      $5.99inc VAT
Blue Steel are the world's first and finest Cryogenic-processed strings. Blue Steel strings are a total breakthrough in string technology. Starting with the very finest quality materials, Blue Steel strings are ...
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Dean Markley HELIX HD Electric Guitar Strings

From  $6.99ex VAT      $6.99inc VAT
The Dean Markley Helix HD electric guitar strings provide a smoother feel and a brighter, more resonant tone than any other string.  As a matter of fact, the Helix HD is the most innovative ...
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Dean Markley NickelSteel Electric Guitar Strings

From  $4.99ex VAT      $4.99inc VAT
The cornerstone of Dean Markley Strings. If you lined up every set of NickelSteel Electric strings ever sold end to end, you would have a really, really long line of guitar string sets. Dean Markley NickelSteel ...
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Dean Markley 2506 Guitar Strings

From  $3.95ex VAT      $3.95inc VAT
You're down on your luck, she/he told you to split, now you feel like playing the blues. Pick up your guitar and put on a set of Dean Markley Jazz and find out how true they really are. You'll never go crawling ...
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