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    Eminence Bass

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    Eminence SigmaPro 18A2 18 Inch Bass Speaker 650 Watts 8 Ohms
    From  $174.99ex VAT      $174.99inc VAT
    The Eminence Professional Sigma Pro 18A-2 – 18 inch Bass Speaker was designed to provide punch and clarity often lacking in 18 inch speakers. This great woofer from Eminence is recommended ...
    Eminence Legend CB158 15 Inch Bass Amplifier Speaker 300 Watts 8 Ohms
    From  $134.99ex VAT      $134.99inc VAT
    With a cast aluminum frame, 2.5 inch voice coil, and 300 watts of power-handling, this speaker is the best choice for the serious player! Many bassists have historically chosen 10 inch speakers in their rigs for ...
    Eminence Legend BP102 10 Inch Bass Amplifier Speaker 200 Watts 8 Ohms
    From  $74.99ex VAT      $74.99inc VAT
    Back by popular demand! The Eminence Legend BP102 has been a staple product for many bass guitar wonders over the past 10 years. Eminence has had so many requests for this speaker, Eminence ...

    Eminence Legend CA108 10 Inch Bass Amp Speaker 200 Watts 8 Ohms
    From  $99.99ex VAT      $99.99inc VAT
    Made famous as an OEM model in many popular bass guitar cabinet brands, the Legend CA10-8 has a highly sought after design which features a truncated cast frame chassis for tight fitting in your 2x, 4x and 8x10 ...
    Eminence Bass Guitar Legend CA154 15 Inch Speaker 300 Watts 8 Ohms
    From  $89.99ex VAT      $89.99inc VAT
    The Legend CA154 is a pro sound 15 inch Woofer for use in Bass Guitar cabinets or in a PA cabinet. Four Ohm Driver with High ...
    Eminence Legend B810 10 Inch Bass Amplifier Speaker 150 Watts 32 Ohms
    From  $74.99ex VAT      $74.99inc VAT
    Eminence Legend B810 is a 32 ohm, 10 inch stamped frame bass guitar driver with a true classic design. It’s modern features include an M-roll surround for higher excursion and less cone breakage, a double ...

    Eminence KappaPro 10LF 10 Inch Bass Amplfiier Speaker 600 Watts 8 Ohm
    From  $144.99ex VAT      $144.99inc VAT
    Eminence’s Kappa Pro series reaches a new low with the Kappa Pro 10LF, a low frequency enhanced version of their popular Kappa Pro 10. With the low frequency content of modern music demanding ...
    Eminence BGH25-8 Bass Cab Driver and Horn

    From  $39.99ex VAT      $39.99inc VAT
    The Eminence BGH25-8 is a 25 watt driver and die cast horn combination optimized specifically for bass guitar ...
    Orange OBC410 4x10 Bass Speaker Cab w/Eminence

    From  $714.95ex VAT      $714.95inc VAT
    Dent and Scratch
    The Orange OBC410 4x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet moves some serious air with a focused tone, great low end and clear mids! Orange uses 13 ply high density 18mm birch plywood for optimal tone and ...