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Fishman Preamp

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Fishman TriplePlay Wireless Midi Guitar Controller

$359.95 - $399.95
From  $359.95ex VAT      $359.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $133.32
Get wireless control over a massive range of instruments and sounds with the Fishman TriplePlay Midi Wireless Guitar Controller ! The TriplePlay allows you to compose music with unparalleled tonal ...
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Fishman Loudbox Artist Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

From  $549.95ex VAT      $549.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $183.32
The Fishman Loudbox Artist Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is an evolution in acoustic amplifiers. Leveraging the award-winning design of the Loudbox 100, the Loudbox Artist packs more power and ...
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Fishman SA220 Solo Performance System - 220 watts

From  $999.95ex VAT      $999.95inc VAT
8 Payments of $125.00
Fishman SA220 Line Array Performance System; The Ultimate Portable PA for the Singer/Songwriter. Exceptional sound quality and coverage for most venues, the SA220 Solo Performance ...
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Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

From  $329.95ex VAT      $329.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $109.99
The lightest and most portable amp in the Loudbox series, the Loudbox Mini delivers the tonal quality that has made the Fishman name the standard for great acoustic sound. The Loudbox ...
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Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Acoustic Imaging Pedal

From  $329.97ex VAT      $329.97inc VAT
3 Payments of $109.99
Fishman Aura Spectrum Acoustic DI Preamp; Award winning Aura Imaging built into a powerful DI. The Aura Spectrum DI from Fishman is the complete tone solution for the acoustic musician ...
Options Available
Fishman Classic Series V-100 Violin Pickup

From  $99.95ex VAT      $99.95inc VAT
Sound great on stage without worrying about stepping out of the sweet spot of your mic. With the Fishman V-100 Violin/Viola Pickup you can go anywhere onstage your cable will allow, and still sound wonderful. ...
Options Available

Fishman Aura 16 Acoustic Imaging Pedal

From  $269.97ex VAT      $269.97inc VAT
3 Payments of $89.99
Fishman Aura 16 Imaging Pedal is a compact yet powerful stompbox featuring award-winning Aura Acoustic Imaging technology that restores a studio-miked sound to your undersaddle or soundhole ...
Options Available
Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord FX Octave Bass Pedal

$229.95 - $299.95
From  $229.95ex VAT      $229.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $99.99
The Fishman Fission Bass lets any bassist lay down beds of power by adding stacked harmonies over their bass lines. The Fishman Fission Bass Pedel uses an intuitive set of controls and footswitches to produce ...
Options Available
Fishman Matrix Infinity Active Guitar Pickup System

From  $149.95ex VAT      $149.95inc VAT
The Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Pickup System comes complete with the worlds best selling undersaddle pickup, a completely redesigned active endpin-mounted preamp, and soundhole mounted controls. The ...
Options Available

Fishman Neo-D Humbucking Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

From  $89.95ex VAT      $89.95inc VAT
With the New Fishman Neo-D Acoustic Pickup you can plug and play right out of the box. The use of a neodymium magnet insures better string to string balance and more sparkling clarity than ...
Options Available
Fishman Amplifier Cover for Loudbox Mini

From  $19.95ex VAT      $19.95inc VAT
The Fishman amplifier cover for Loudbox Mini is a durable, great quality cover made to preserve your Loudbox Mini amp’s condition and value. A Velcro strip is provided to keep the dust out when ...
Options Available
Fishman Neo-D Single Coil Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

From  $49.95ex VAT      $49.95inc VAT
The Fishman Neo-D is a value-priced cousin of the famous Rare Earth pickup. The Neo-D shares the same neodymium magnet structure for exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity. The Neo-D’s ...
Options Available

Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Acoustic Guitar Pickup

From  $249.95ex VAT      $249.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $83.32
The Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Pickup combines the crisp, clean sound of a internally mounted condenser mic with the round, full bodied sound of an under-saddle transducer. You get the best of both ...
Options Available
Fishman Blackstack Passive Humbucking Soundhole Pickup

From  $249.95ex VAT      $249.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $83.32
Be heard in even the loudest rock band with the Fishman Blackstack Passive Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickup. Now, that vintage sound of a double-stacked humbucking magnetic pickup is available in a modern, ...
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