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TC Electronic RC4 Floor Controller for RH450 Bass Amp

$99.95 - $159.00
From  $99.95ex VAT      $99.95inc VAT
TC Electronic RC4 Floor Controller; Look ma, no hands! Access the presets on your RH450 from the floor. Built specifically for the RH450, the RC4 foot controller offers you a tuner indicator, a mute ...
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Line 6 FBV Express MKII Foot Controller

From  $99.99ex VAT      $99.99inc VAT
Line 6 FBV Express MkII Foot Controller Pedal; Gain Control Over Your Line 6 Amp or Pod! Powerful switching capabilities with a compact size you can fit in your backpack, Line 6 has ...
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Pignose 7100 Legendary Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier

From  $74.95ex VAT      $74.95inc VAT
The Pignose Legendary 7100 Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier is back by popular demand! The Pignose guitar amplifier is the answer to the worldwide demand for a high quality, economical and completely ...
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Fender 008099600 4 Button Footswitch for Mustang III - IV - V

$54.95 - $59.99
From  $54.95ex VAT      $54.95inc VAT
The Fender 008099600 4 button footswitch for Mustang III, IV, V enables remote multi-function foot control. The footswitch display and LEDs show you some of the same information as the ...
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Ernie Ball 6102 Amplifier Casters Pop Out

From  $23.95ex VAT      $23.95inc VAT
The Ernie Ball 6102 Amplifier Casters are pop-out wheels to replace worn-out casters or for that new cabinet you're building. Includes mounting hardware. Set of 4, pop-out socket mount. 2 ...
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Quilter Deluxe Case for MicroPro 200 and Aviator 8-Inch

From  $99.00ex VAT      $99.00inc VAT
This padded case holds your 8-inch Quilter amplifier safely and securely in any weather. The shoulder strap and light weight of the amp allows you to arrive at the gig without breaking a sweat. ...
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Quilter Stereo Toneblock Rackmount DIY Kit

From  $99.00ex VAT      $99.00inc VAT
Build your own stereo rack mount pair. Plug your own dual ToneBlocks into this rack tray and mount them into your rack for massive power and control. This kit includes a rack tray and all the ...
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Orange FS 2 Dual Function Footswitch
From  $46.95ex VAT      $46.95inc VAT
Orange FS 2 dual function footswitch with LEDs and 1/4 inch input jacks. For use with Orange Thunderverb and Rockerverb Series ...
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Orange FS 1 Single Function Footswitch
From  $35.95ex VAT      $35.95inc VAT
Orange FS 1 single function footswitch with LED and 1/4 inch input jack. For use on AD30TC, Rockerverb 50 and 100, Rocker 30, Thunderverb 50 and 200. Not for use with Crush range. Orange FS ...
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Warwick LWA1000 Bass Amp Head Bag

From  $52.99ex VAT      $52.99inc VAT
Transport your LWA1000 head and easily set it up for your gig with this high quality bag from Warwick. Warwick LWA1000 Bass Amp Head Bag Features Solid, ...
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Peavey 2 Button Stereo Guitar Amp Footswitch
From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
The Peavey 2 Button Stereo Guitar Amp Footswitch is a must have accessory for owners of Peavey amps including Bandit 65/75/80/112, Special 112/130/150, Studio Pro 112, Envoy 110, Bravo 112, ...
Options Available
Boss FS 6 Dual Footswitch

From  $54.95ex VAT      $54.95inc VAT
The Boss FS-6 is two switches in one! The FS-6 combines latch- and momentary-type switching into one unit. With two switches conveniently housed side-by-side, the FS-6 allows each switch to be set for latch or ...
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Tung Sol 6V6GT Platinum Matched Duet

From  $49.95ex VAT      $49.95inc VAT
Totally Tweed! The preferred OEM tube of ’50s-era Fender TweedChamp and Deluxe amplifiers The Tungsol 6V6 has a geometrydesigned to safely handle the higher voltages used in guitaramps – plus heavier ...
Options Available
Marshall PEDL90008 Stompware Pedal for MGFX Amplifiers

From  $59.95ex VAT      $59.95inc VAT
Marshall PEDL90008 Stompware Pedal Provides Total Control for Your MGFX Amplifier! Made for the MGFX Series Marshals with Built in Effects, this 4 button footswitch gives the MGFX ...
Options Available
Fender MD20 Mini Deluxe Guitar Amplifier

From  $36.95ex VAT      $36.95inc VAT
The Fender MD20 Mini Deluxe Guitar Amplifier is a battery powered mini amp with an attention to detail like no other before it! With styling modeled after the Hot Rod Deluxe, the MD20 Mini Deluxe ...
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Quilter Aviator FC2-2 Foot Controller

From  $59.00ex VAT      $59.00inc VAT
The optional foot controller allows you to route the guitar input to Channel 1 or 2, and to bypass the reverb, without having to access the amplifier's front panel. Two position footswitch for use ...
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Groove Tube 6L6B Russian Amp Vacuum Tubes

$59.99 - $119.99
From  $59.99ex VAT      $59.99inc VAT
6L6 Type Large Fender Amps The Choice of most all medium powered Fender amps, and the many Fender wantabe amps. This specially designed pentode with a beam forming electrode was invented by ...
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Dunlop Rockman Metal Ace Headphone Amp for Guitar

From  $79.95ex VAT      $79.95inc VAT
The Rockman® Ace line lets you hear your instrument's dynamic range and clarity to inspire you to 'pick up your guitar and play'. These high-quality, low-priced headphone amps offer built in compression, volume ...
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LR Baggs Gigpro Universal Preamp

From  $89.95ex VAT      $89.95inc VAT
The Para DI , Gigpro and Mixpro are three universal preamps from LR Baggs that will improve the tone of just about any pickup you plug into them. All of these preamps feature adjustable ...
Options Available
Peavey 6505 Plus Footswitch
$59.95 - $87.95
From  $59.95ex VAT      $59.95inc VAT
Get control of your 6505 Plus head with this high quality footswitch! The Peavey 6505 Plus Footswitch features 3 buttons that give you control over Channel, Crunch and Effects Loop. A must have for any owner of ...
Options Available
Pignose 7200 HOG20 Hog Guitar Combo Amplifier

$99.95 - $119.95
From  $99.95ex VAT      $99.95inc VAT
The Pignose 7200 HOG20 Hog Guitar Combo Amplifier is a portable amp perfect for practicing anywhere. Pignose's HOG20 is surprisingly loud for its size and will produce tones from clean to crunchy. It ...
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