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Ibanez Steve Vai

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Ibanez UV70P Premium Steve Vai Universe 7-String Guitar with Case

$1,099.00 - $1,399.99
From  $1,099.00ex VAT      $1,099.00inc VAT
8 EZ Payments of $175.00
Inspired by Steve Vai, Ibanez has created another excellent playing guitar which is the Universe UV70P 7-String. Featuring DiMarzio pickups for great tone and jumbo frets on a Wizard 7 neck, the ...
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Ibanez JEM70V Steve Vai Electric Guitar with Case

From  $1,499.99ex VAT      $1,499.99inc VAT
8 EZ Payments of $187.50
The revered Steve Vai has changed the way we think about what guitars can really do. Described as iconic, sublime, awe inspiring, outrageous, are both Steve Vai and his signature Ibanez JEM70V Steve Vai ...
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Ibanez EP10 Euphoria Steve Vai Signature Acoustic Electric

From  $1,099.99ex VAT      $1,099.99inc VAT
8 EZ Payments of $137.50
The Ibanez EP10 Euphoria Steve Vai Acoustic Electric Guitar features a solid Engelmann spruce top, mahogany neck, and a special thin body that is designed for comfort. The 'Tree of Life' inlay and ...
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Ibanez JEM7V Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar with Case

From  $2,999.99ex VAT      $2,999.99inc VAT
8 EZ Payments of $375.00
Born of the combined vision of Steve Vai and Ibanez, the revolutionary JEM continues to be one of Ibanez' leading models. JEM's are loaded with Steve Vai's choice of DiMarzio pickups - the 7V features 2 Evolution ...
Options Available
Ibanez JEM 77 Steve Vai JEM Floral Pattern II with Case

From  $3,499.99ex VAT      $3,499.99inc VAT
8 EZ Payments of $437.50
Built in Japan since the original release in 1987, Ibanez Steve Vai JEM 77 Floral Pattern II offers unique style with the playability you expect from an Ibanez Vai axe! The contoured body with 24-fret JEM Prestige ...
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