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Monster Rock

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Monster Cable Rock Guitar Cable
From  $139.75ex VAT      $139.75inc VAT
Monster Rock Cable features patented technologies help you deliver the power and full impact of your tone. Unlike ordinary cable, Monster Rock uses patented technologies to accent the raw power of ...
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Monster Cable Rock Bass Cable

$39.95 - $59.95
From  $39.95ex VAT      $39.95inc VAT
Monster Bass is designed specifically for bass guitar. Monster Bass provides Multi-Gauge Time Correct Windings with Special Dielectrics and Ultra-Dense Shielding to deliver smooth, powerful low end. ...
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Monster MROCK2 Guitar Pedal Cable

From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
Monster Rock is a high-performance, application-specific cable designed to enhance the sonic bite and character of your instrument. Multi-gauge wire networks maximize your guitar’s tone. Cut through the mix ...
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Monster Rock Guitar Instrument Cable

$49.95 - $59.95
From  $49.95ex VAT      $49.95inc VAT
Monster Rock uses patented technologies to accent the natural attack of your instrument so it cuts through the mix. Monster's advanced coaxial design preserves fast transients, clean highs, and vivid harmonics ...
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