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SKB R4215W Roto Molded Keyboard Case with Wheels

$269.99 - $319.99
From  $269.99ex VAT      $269.99inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $90.00
SKB Roto-molded case construction allows for unique features while maintaing a very competitive price. The new roto molded cases feature a molded-in unbreakable carrying handle and integrated ...
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Rock N Roller Multi-Cart Equipment Cart with R Trac Wheels

$99.99 - $229.99
From  $99.99ex VAT      $99.99inc VAT
Now equipped with R-Trac wheels and brakes, the critically acclaimed Rock N Roller Multi-Cart instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations replacing the need for 8 different carts! This ...
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JamStands Low-Profile Microphone Boom Stand

From  $25.99ex VAT      $25.99inc VAT
Perfect for mic'ing 2x12 cabs, percussion or even small children, the Low-Profile Boom Stand from JamStands is the perfect solution for when you need to Mic'-up on the Down-low. This low-level Tripod Mic Stand ...
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Monster Cable Standard 100 Microphone Cable

$29.95 - $89.99
From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
Monster Standard 100 Microphone cables are the choice of veteran or those just getting into the game of recording or live sound reinforcement for obvious reasons. Professionals recognize that the ...
Options Available
Alesis SR 18 Drum Machine

$159.95 - $259.00
From  $159.95ex VAT      $159.95inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $86.34
The Alesis SR18 Drum Machine takes some cues from the legendary SR16 but adds many new features for today's musicians. The SR18 is loaded with cutting-edge drum kits, electronic drums, hits, and ...
Options Available
Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Guitar Cable with Right Angled Plug

$29.95 - $39.95
From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
The Planet Waves Circuit Breaker plug has fail-safe operation to save your equipment from loud pops and squeals when you change guitars with a live amp. When the button is pushed, the cable ...
Options Available

Chauvet 4Play CL Stage Lighting Effect

From  $229.99ex VAT      $229.99inc VAT
The C hauvet 4Play CL Stage Lighting Effect is a pack-and-go LED moonflower lighting package that comes complete with its own carrying case. Four individually controllable heads in clear casings ...
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EMG JH Set James Hetfield Electric Guitar Pickups

From  $239.00ex VAT      $239.00inc VAT
The EMG JH Set James Hetfield Humbucker Pickups are a totally new dimension for EMG with the design being driven solely with the input of James Hetfield. In early 2009 James contacted EMG Pickups ...
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Mapex C200RB Rebel Series Straight Cymbal Stand

$29.95 - $79.95
From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
The double-braced Mapex C200RB Rebel Series Straight Cymbal Stand is a remarkable value, featuring die cast memory locks for security and ease of set-up and more! The slip-proof nylon inner ...
Options Available

Monster Cable Standard 100 Guitar Instrument Cable

$12.95 - $29.95
From  $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable is the first step into a world of flawlessly detailed guitar and bass sound. Precision windings and heavy gauge construction give your sound more presence, wider ...
Options Available
Planet Waves Swivel XLR Microphone Cable

$33.95 - $44.95
From  $33.95ex VAT      $33.95inc VAT
Designed for home recording and pro audio applications, Planet Waves' Swivel XLR Microphone Cables feature patent-pending XLR swivel connectors that swivel from in-line to a right-angle, both ways, and can be used ...
Options Available
Pearl 2Face Dual Surface Cajon

$229.95 - $249.95
From  $229.95ex VAT      $229.95inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $83.32
The Pearl 2Face Dual Surface Cajon has two distinct personalities. The professional quality wood construction box drum is ported on the side with two different playing faces on the front and back. ...
Options Available

Chauvet COLORrail IRC Stage Light

From  $179.99ex VAT      $179.99inc VAT
The Chauvet COLORrail IRC Stage Light is an eye-catching, multi-colored strip light with tons of applications. This linear wash/effect uses 10mm LEDs. The Chauvet COLORrail allows you the ability ...
Options Available
Hosa Cable Gaffer Tape

$10.95 - $37.95
From  $10.95ex VAT      $10.95inc VAT
Hosa Cable gaffer tape is a real stage tape, not to be confused with Duct Tape! Hosa gaffer tape is made with a fine cloth weave that leave little to no adhesive residue behind once its ...
Options Available
SKB US Heavy Duty Roto Rack

$114.99 - $244.99
From  $114.99ex VAT      $114.99inc VAT
The SKB US Heavy Duty Roto Racks are the ultimate in American technology. The SKB US rack is innovatively designed with many advanced features making it perfect for traveling! This SKB Heavy-Duty ...
Options Available

Hosa Cable SKT400 14 Gauge Speakon Speaker Cable

$26.95 - $49.95
From  $26.95ex VAT      $26.95inc VAT
Hosa SKT400 Speakon to Speakon speaker cables are designed to provide years of dependable service. High-quality components and world-class manufacturing combine to deliver products of exceptional value. r ...
Options Available
Dean EABC5 5 String Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

From  $229.95ex VAT      $229.95inc VAT
The Dean EABC 5-string bass is a great starter instrument or as your first stab into the expanded range of a 5-string bass. Built with a select spruce top for incredible resonance and volume, this highly ...
Options Available
Latin Percussion LP 204A Black Beauty Cowbell

$29.99 - $34.95
From  $29.99ex VAT      $29.99inc VAT
It is with this cowbell that LP brought percussion to a global audience. No cowbell in history has been as widely recorded. It was designed to have a high pitched bright sound with a moderate overtone and a ...
Options Available

Drum Workshop 3002 Double Base Drum Pedal

From  $219.99ex VAT      $219.99inc VAT
Drum Workshop 3002 Double Base Drum Pedals are designed for every drummer. This single base pedal is big on features like dual-chain Turbo drive, bearing rocker assembly, 101 2-way beater and ...
Options Available
Kustom Defender 15H Guitar Amplifier Head

$169.95 - $219.95
From  $169.95ex VAT      $169.95inc VAT
The Kustom Defender 15H Guitar Amplifier Head is an EL-84 powered, 15-watt tube head in a rugged metal housing with unique, professional features. In addition to the Volume and Tone controls, the ...
Options Available
Revolve xeMicro Hybrid Charger

From  $39.99ex VAT      $39.99inc VAT
Revolve xeMicro hybrid charger replaces your existing charger for over 3,000 popular devices! Forget searching for the right charger, you can charge your iPhone, Blackberry, EVO, and other devices ...
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