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Svetlana 12AX7 Russian Pre Amp Vacuum Tube

From  $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
Svetlana Tubes are made in Russia and are renown for their tone and character. Svetlana offers a wide selection of tubes for both hi-end audio and guitar amplification. ...
Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH High Gain Pre Amp Vacuum Tube

From  $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
High gain, ULTRA low noise/microphonics. Forget about Telefunken. The 12AX7EH provides high gain with ultra low noise and detailed, musical tone that rivals the most desirable NOS types. Unique ...
Behringer PP400 Ultra Compact Phono Preamp

$17.95 - $24.99
From  $17.95ex VAT      $17.95inc VAT
In the age of the MP3, it can be easy to forget that a turntable signal needs a little help before it reaches a mixer or home stereo if it's going to be heard. Thanks to the PP400 phono preamp, ...
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Groove Tube 12AT7 Pre-Amp Amplifier Vacuum Tube

From  $19.99ex VAT      $19.99inc VAT
Groove Tube 12AT7 Pre-Amp Amplifier Vacuum Tubes make your tube amp tone shine like it's new again! Electric Guitarists both yesterday and today can be linked by one piece of equipment: The tube amp. ...