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Rca To Xlr Male

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Hosa GXM133 RCA to XLR Male Adaptor

From  $6.95ex VAT      $6.95inc VAT
The Hosa GXM133 RCA to XLR Male Adaptor is designed to adapt a phono plug to an XLR input. XLR pin 3 is grounded resulting in an unbalanced ...
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Monster CableLink XLR Female to Dual XLR Male Y Adapter
From  $24.95ex VAT      $24.95inc VAT
Monster CableLinks Y Adapters Monster CableLinks adapters and couplers are different from ordinary adapters because we use high-performance Monster Cable inside, plus extra shielding to keep RF and ...
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Hosa Cable Angled 1/8 Stereo to Male XLR Cable

$6.95 - $9.95
From  $6.95ex VAT      $6.95inc VAT
The XVM100M Series cables are great for connecting the stereo output of portable CD Player, Walkman, Camcorder, etc., to a single XLR line input on a mixing console. Sums Left and Right Stereo signals to a ...
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Hosa Angled 1/8 Stereo to Female XLR Cable

$8.50 - $9.50
From  $8.50ex VAT      $8.50inc VAT
A Hosa Cable which was designed for certain Stereo Microphones that use a single XLR as output for both Left and Right signals. For 20 Years, Hosa has provided a cost effective solution to the cabling ...
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