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Sabian AAX Air Splash Cymbal

$115.00 - $129.95
From  $115.00ex VAT      $115.00inc VAT
So many of you loved the Air Splash in the 2012 campaign, so Sabian felt compelled to bring it back for another chance. This is a punchy, cutting splash cymbal that really opens up and breathes. With 3/4 inch ...
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Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal

$89.95 - $144.95
From  $89.95ex VAT      $89.95inc VAT
A Custom Splash Fast, colorful, short crash sound. Very musical Played by Tim Alexander Carter Beauford Vinnie Colaiuta Sonny Emory Horacio Hernandez and ...
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Wuhan Splash/China Cymbal Package

From  $79.95ex VAT      $79.95inc VAT
The Wuhan Splash/China Cymbal Package is a unique set that will add great versatility and character to your sound. The included 18 inch China cymbal is brash and explosive while the 10 inch splash ...
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Zildjian Oriental China Trash Splash Cymbal

$109.95 - $129.95
From  $109.95ex VAT      $109.95inc VAT
Zildjian Oriental China Trash Splash Cymbals are ultra-thin splash cymbals with a unique square bell, producing an unusually and spectacularly fast and explosive trash splash sound that’s ...
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Zildjian ZHT Splash Cymbal

From  $69.95ex VAT      $69.95inc VAT
The Zildjian ZHT Splash Cymbal. Add pleasingly quick Splash sounds that compliment any cymbal set-up. Zildjian ZHT Ultimate Sheet Bronze Cymbals 88% Copper, 12% Tin. ...
Options Available
Wuhan Linear Splash Cymbal

From  $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT
The Wuhan Linear Splash Cymbals are crafted with the same unique methods that give Wuhan Cymbals their unmistakable character. These splash cymbals provide a bright projection and a unique tone ...
Options Available

Zildjian ZHT China Splash Cymbal

From  $69.95ex VAT      $69.95inc VAT
Exclusive to the ZHT Series, the Zildjian ZHT China Splash Cymbal features a traditional finish, quick voice and lots of 'give.' The square shape of a China cup and the exaggerated angle of the ...
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Sabian B8 Splash Cymbal

$45.00 - $55.00
From  $45.00ex VAT      $45.00inc VAT
Ths Sabian B8 Splash has a fast-acting, cutting response. It delivers a solid, bright and transparent blast of effective accenting crispness. Sabian B8 cymbal models are high quality bronze cymbals. Bronze ...
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Sabian AAX Splash Cymbal

$105.00 - $119.00
From  $105.00ex VAT      $105.00inc VAT
The Sabian AAX Splash Cymbal is high pitched and quick. An exceptional accent cymbal that cuts through very well. About SABIAN Much more than a cymbal manufacturing company, SABIAN is ...
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