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    Klotz Cables

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    • Klotz USM5XX M5 Microphone Cable
      Klotz’s top of the line microphone cable, The M5 boasts ultra- low capacitance ensures superb sound quality even across long distances. Its double counter-rotating spiral copper shields of the Klotz MC5000 ...
      Price: $112.99
      Save: $48.04 (43%)
      $59.95 - $64.95
      From  $59.95      $59.95
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    • Klotz USLAGP LaGrange Supreme Guitar Cable
      Uncompromising top performance - for over a quarter of a century: musicians all over the world are long-standing fans of the LaGrange. The reason? Simple – it’s outstanding. Exceptionally low ...
      Price: $109.99
      Save: $35.00 (32%)
      $67.99 - $74.99
      From  $67.99      $67.99
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    • Klotz USM2XX M2 Microphone Cable
      Solid and durable: the M2 Microphone Cable is our most rugged cable after the high-end M5. With extra-thick jacket and Neutrik XX connectors, the M2 can handle plenty of stage action without losing its cool. And ...
      Price: $80.99
      Save: $27.00 (33%)
      $49.95 - $53.99
      From  $49.95      $49.95
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    • Klotz USJBPP Joe Bonamassa Signature Guitar Cable
      Well accomplished musician Joe Bonamassa began his career in style when at the young age of 12, he opened for B.B. King. Since then, Joe has played alongside many more impressive artists such as Stephen Stills, ...
      Price: $135.99
      Save: $46.00 (34%)
      $89.99      $89.99
      3 Payments of $30.00
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    • Klotz USIRFM iceRock XLR Microphone Cable
      Klotz’s best-selling microphone cable also happens to boast a sleek, cool look. The iceRock Cable with hand-soldered Neutrik connectors comes all in white, with a style matching its premium quality. ...
      Price: $109.99
      Save: $37.00 (34%)
      $72.99      $72.99
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