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    Shure SM31FH-TQG Fitness Headset Condenser Mic TQ
    Price: $124.00
    Save: $39.05 (31%)
    From  $84.95      $84.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The new SM31FH adds hydrophobic materials to the industry-standard, road-tested Shure SM family in a rugged and durable cardioid condenser microphone. TA4F 4-pin connectors make it a viable replacement for any ...
    Shure CVL-B/C-TQG Centraverse Lavalier Condenser
    Price: $49.00
    Save: $14.05 (29%)
    From  $34.95      $34.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    For professional presentations requiring a microphone that is heard but not seen, the Centraverse CVL Lavalier Condenser Microphone offers a compact clip-on design and simple, no-nonsense setup. The unidirectional ...
    Rode Micro Boom Pole Telescopic Microphone Extension
    Price: $69.00
    Save: $25.05 (36%)
    From  $43.95      $43.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The Rode Micro Boompole provides ultimate boom pole performance in a convenient and portable size. Intuitive twist locks allow the Micro Boompole's three sections to smoothly extend to 6 3/4 ...
    QSC GXD8 Class D Power Amplifier With DSP - Used
    Price: $999.99
    Save: $310.04 (31%)
    From  $689.95      $689.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The GXD 8 amplifier is engineered to meet any demanding application and provide excellent power and legendary QSC reliability, in an efficient, lightweight, and flexible package; bottom line, the GXD amplifiers ...
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    PreSonus SLRM32 AI 32 Channel Rack Mounted Mixer
    Price: $2,499.95
    Save: $880.95 (35%)
    From  $1,619.00      $1,619.00
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Based on the StudioLive AI-series engine and controlled with powerful, battle-ready UC-Surface touch software for Mac, Windows, and iOS, the StudioLive RM32AI rack-mount digital mixer is scalable and ...
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    Peavey IPR 2 7500 DSP Power Amplifier
    Price: $1,899.99
    Save: $820.99 (43%)
    From  $1,079.00      $1,079.00
    Non-Factory Sealed

    IPR2 power amplifier, designed for years of reliable, flawless operation under rigorous use. The groundbreaking IPR2 series utilizes an advanced design that allows Peavey engineers to dramatically reduce weight ...
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    Mackie SRM650 1600W 15in Powered Loudspkr
    Price: $879.99
    Save: $341.04 (39%)
    From  $538.95      $538.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

     Memorial Day Sale!
    The Mackie SRM650 Powered PA Speaker is an incredibly versatile loudspeaker that delivers 1600 watts through a 15-inch speaker for remarkable output, clarity and simplicity! This speaker is built ...
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    Mackie 402VLZ4 Premium Ultra Compact 4 Ch Mixer
    Price: $129.99
    Save: $40.04 (31%)
    From  $89.95      $89.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The 4-channel Mackie 402VLZ4 Ultra Compact Stereo Mixer features two Mackie Onyx mic preamps in an ultra-compact design that is an industry-leading performer ideal for professional low-input ...
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    Mackie 1402VLZ4 14 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
    Price: $519.99
    Save: $160.04 (31%)
    From  $359.95      $359.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The 14-channel Mackie 1402VLZ4 Stereo Mixer brings the proven performance of 6 of Mackie’s Onyx preamps in a compact mixer design great for applications that demand flexibility. From every ...
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    LD Systems DAVE 8 ROADIE Speaker Stands and Cables
    Price: $129.99
    Save: $40.04 (31%)
    From  $89.95      $89.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    This accessory set consists of two robust speaker stands for the DAVE 8 Roadie and DAVE 8 XS satellite speakers, two 15 foot long speaker cables (Speakon compatible) and a high-quality, padded transport bag for ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    JBL TRIPOD-MA Manual Height Adjust Speaker Stand
    Price: $116.65
    Save: $46.70 (40%)
    From  $69.95      $69.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    JBL manual height adjustable speaker tripod stand. Price for single stand. Speaker sold separately. Innovative Lift Ring To assist you in lifting your speaker, we’ve ...
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    JBL JRX215 15in 2-Way Passive Loudspeaker
    Price: $374.00
    Save: $104.05 (28%)
    From  $269.95      $269.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    A powerful PA Speaker packed with features, the JBL JRX215 2-Way Passive PA Loudspeaker is an affordable solution for venues and touring rigs that need a dependable speaker that sounds great and keeps on pounding. ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    JBL JRX212 12in 2-Way Stage Monitor Speaker
    Price: $312.00
    Save: $87.05 (28%)
    From  $224.95      $224.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    An affordable, hardworking studio monitor for your venue or touring rig, the JBL JRX212 2-Way Stage Monitor is a portable, 12 inch, two-way speaker system designed specifically for live performance stage ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Grundorf ABS R0416CB 3 Space Amp Rack with Wheels
    Price: $299.95
    Save: $151.00 (50%)
    From  $148.95      $148.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    With a built-in pull-out handle and two sets of recessed dual wheels, there is not a more portable and durable rack case out there for the money! The ABS Series Amp Racks are designed to house everything from ...
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    Behringer B115W 1000 Wt Blue Tooth PA System-Previously Sold
    Price: $524.99
    Save: $210.04 (40%)
    From  $314.95      $314.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Sync up your Bluetooth-enabled device and get the music pumping! The Behringer Eurolive B115W Bluetooth Powered PA Speaker produces impressive full range audio and volume thanks to 1,000 watts of ...
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    Audio-Technica System 10 Camera Mount Lav Wireless
    Price: $789.95
    Save: $440.00 (56%)
    From  $349.95      $349.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    With its compact, portable design, the System 10 Camera-Mount lapel digital wireless system is ideally positioned to capture media on the go. Perfect for video production, electronic news gathering (ENG) and every ...
    Rock n Roller RSD2 Solid Deck for R2RT Multi Equipment Cart
    Price: $58.98
    Save: $29.03 (49%)
    From  $29.95      $29.95
    Dent and Scratch

    The Rock n Roller Solid Deck for Multi Equipment Cart is a one-piece carpeted 1/2 inch ply deck that attaches and detaches instantly to prevent small items from falling through frame bed. The ...
    PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI Digital Mixer
    Price: $2,499.95
    Save: $1,200.95 (48%)
    From  $1,299.00      $1,299.00
    Dent and Scratch

    PreSonus takes the industry standard StudioLive to the next level with the AI series! The PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2AI Digital Mixer offers the classic feel and sound we all know and love and adds ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: $229.95
    Save: $104.00 (45%)
    From  $125.95      $125.95
    Dent and Scratch

    The Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker wirelessly delivers your music, movies, and even phone calls with the detail and power other portable speakers lose. Take it anywhere you want and ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstar
    Behringer NU3000 iNuke Power Amplifer with DSP Control-Used
    Price: $419.99
    Save: $190.04 (45%)
    From  $229.95      $229.95
    Dent and Scratch

    Behringer NU3000 iNuke 3000 watt power amplifier with DSP control packs massive amounts of output power into and ultra-lightweight, rack-mountable package. Behriner’s revolutionary high-density ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar