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Other Guitar Effect Accessories

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  • Behringer All Country DC 9V Power Adapter
    The Behringer All Country DC 9V Universal Power Adapter is the perfect solution for guitarists, keyboard players, studios and many more applications where a power supply is needed. With the ...
    Price: $29.99
    Save: $10.00 (33%)
    $19.99ex VAT      $19.99inc VAT
  • Digitech PS200R 9V DC Power Supply
    Compatible with a variety of current Digitech, Hardwire and DOD FX Pedals, the Digitech PS200R 9V DC Power Supply offers an output of 9.6V,300mA making it the perfect match for a variety of 9V fx pedals. Check out ...
    Price: $24.95
    Save: $8.00 (32%)
    $16.95ex VAT      $16.95inc VAT
  • Mutron PS1A Power Supply for MuTron III
    Save those batteries! This is the optional power supply for the Mutron III. Converts 120 volts AC, 60 Hz into 24 volts ...
    Price: $24.95
    Save: $5.00 (20%)
    $19.95ex VAT      $19.95inc VAT
  • Line 6 DC1 9 Volt DC Power Supply for ToneCore
    The Line 6 DC-1 is a 9 Volt DC power supply for the ToneCore series of pedals. Save on batteries with this affordable power ...
    Price: $24.99
    Save: $5.04 (20%)
    $19.95ex VAT      $19.95inc VAT
  • Korg KA-183 AC Adapter
    Power adapter for the following Korg/Vox products: AC1, AC1RV, AC1RVBASS, APCAB, BEATLAB, D4, DELAYLAB, DT10, DT7, EA1, ER1, ES1, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, GT12, GT120, JSDL, JSDS, JSWH, K25, K49, K61, K61P, ...
    $14.99ex VAT      $14.99inc VAT
  • Digitech PS0913B 9V DC Power Supply
    Digitech PS0913B 9VAC 1300mA power supply is built specifically for a variety of Digitech pedals including the RP Series multi-effects pedals. See a more indepth list of current and discontineud pedals below. ...
    Price: $24.95
    Save: $7.00 (28%)
    $17.95ex VAT      $17.95inc VAT
  • Behringer P16MB Mounting Bracket for P16M Personal Mixer
    The Behringer P16MB is an extremely durable mounting bracket designed for the P16M personal mixer! The P16M personal mixer offers a great monitor mix for every player by providing an easy, ...
    Price: $44.99
    Save: $15.00 (33%)
    $29.99ex VAT      $29.99inc VAT
  • StageTrix SPR1 Modular Pedal Riser with Cable Routing
    The StageTrix Pedal Riser allows you to avoid that awkward tap dance to access the second row of pedals without stomping on others accidentally. Called an ergonomic wonder by the press, the Pedal Riser enables you ...
    Price: $16.99
    Save: $4.04 (24%)
    $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
  • Keith McMillen Batt O Meter Musician Battery Tester
    The KMI Batt O Meter Musician Battery Tester is a small device that allows musicians to test the remaining hours of battery life and voltage of 9 volt batteries while they are still inside gear with a 1/4-inch ...
    Price: $34.95
    Save: $15.00 (43%)
    $19.95ex VAT      $19.95inc VAT
  • Tech 21 9 Volt DC Power Supply
    For all Tech 21 floor pedal models except the SansAmp Classic. TECH 21 - GREAT TONE. BUILT RIGHT. In 1989, after ten years exhaustive research and development with world-class guitar ...
    $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
  • Boomerang E-Series 9V Power Supply
    The E-Series Boomerang Power Supply is specifically modeled for powering the E155 Chorus Delay and the E156 Rang III Looper. The E-Series pedals work perfectly with this 9V power ...
    $22.00ex VAT      $22.00inc VAT
  • Strukture Pig Power Pedal Power Supply Adapter
    Don’t let your power adapter hog up more than one space on your power strip! Pig Power is a 9V power supply with 1000 mA with a minimal design that requires just a single outlet. The adapter features a ...
    Price: $17.95
    Save: $8.00 (45%)
    $9.95ex VAT      $9.95inc VAT
  • Line 6 PODxt Live Carry Gig Bag
    Got a session or a live gig and need to bring your M13 Stompbox Modeler, PODxt Live, or KB37 keyboard? Well, now you can throw away the box that it came in and give your Line 6 gear the protection it deserves (it ...
    Price: $69.99
    Save: $20.00 (29%)
    $49.99ex VAT      $49.99inc VAT
  • Dunlop ECB004 AC Power Supply
    The Dunlop ECB04 power supply is a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug 18V/150 ma DC regulated AC Adapter with a positive barrel and negative plug. Plug polarity has a negative center DC in ...
    Price: $26.43
    Save: $11.48 (43%)
    $14.95ex VAT      $14.95inc VAT
  • TC Helicon Power Plug 12 Power Supply
    The PowerPlug 12 PSU is the perfect add on accessory for most TC Electronic guitar FX pedals (TonePrint, Polytune, Ditto Loopers and analog drive pedals). It is also able to power all TC-Helicon DC-powered devices ...
    Price: $37.49
    Save: $12.50 (33%)
    $24.99ex VAT      $24.99inc VAT
  • StageTrix SF1 Pedal Fastener
    The StageTrix Pedal Fastener is a hook fastener designed specifically for attaching pedals to pedalboards. It features industrial strength adhesive optimized to stick to the rubber on the back of most pedals and ...
    Price: $9.99
    Save: $2.04 (20%)
    $7.95ex VAT      $7.95inc VAT
  • Line 6 PX2 Power Supply for POD Pedals
    This 9-Volt AC power supply is designed for the Stompbox Modelers (DL4, MM4, DM4, AM4, and FM4), POD, POD XT, POD XT Live, Bass POD XT, Bass POD XT Live, X3, X3 Live, and Variax. It is intended for use in the USA, ...
    Price: $29.95
    Save: $5.00 (17%)
    $24.95ex VAT      $24.95inc VAT
  • Line 6 POD Multi Mounting Bracket
    Line 6 POD Multi Mounting Bracket brings your POD up to your level. The POD Mounting Adaptor is created from an innovative design. The POD Mount is made from folded, heavy gauge metal with four ...
    Price: $24.99
    Save: $5.00 (20%)
    $19.99ex VAT      $19.99inc VAT
  • Ibanez AC509 9V Power Supply
    Get your effects power with the Ibanez AC509 9V Power Supply ! This high quality adapter works with Ibanez effects requiring 9 volts of AC power and is also compatible with many other guitar ...
    Price: $25.70
    Save: $7.71 (30%)
    $17.99ex VAT      $17.99inc VAT