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  • JBL EON515XT Powered PA Speaker
    The JBL EON515XT powered PA speaker features sturdy construction and superior ergonomic design which will guarantee a lifetime of reliability and simplicity. Designed for enhanced audio precision ...
    Price: $899.00
    Save: $509.04 (57%)
    $389.96ex VAT      $389.96inc VAT
  • QSC K12 Powered Pa Speaker- Used
    The QSC K12 Powered PA Speaker is a 1000 watt powered PA speaker featuring high quality for unparalleled performance and professional appearance that is at home in any application. Extensive DSP ...
    Price: $1,029.99
    Save: $310.04 (30%)
    $719.95ex VAT      $719.95inc VAT
  • Mackie DLM12 Full Range Powered Loudspeaker
    The incredibly powerful and versatile Mackie DLM12 Full Range Powered Loudspeaker provides 2000 watts into a portable, light-weight cab that can be used for virtually any performance! Featuring ...
    Price: $999.99
    Save: $310.04 (31%)
    $689.95ex VAT      $689.95inc VAT
    8 Payments of $86.25
  • JBL PRX715 15in 2 Way Powered Loudspeaker
    The JBL PRX715 Powered PA Speaker packs a serious punch with 1500 watts, a 2-way design with a 15-inch woofer and 1.5-inch compression driver, exceptional low end response and JBL’s famed ...
    Price: $1,399.00
    Save: $544.05 (39%)
    $854.95ex VAT      $854.95inc VAT
  • Electro Voice ETX10P 10in 2Way Powered Loudspeake
    Designed for venues, rental companies, musicians and DJs who require high-end, reliable audio! The two-way ETX-10P powered PA speaker was designed by Electro Voice with a high end 10-inch speaker and a 1.25-inch ...
    $989.95ex VAT      $989.95inc VAT
  • Mackie SRM650 1600W 15in Powered Loudspkr
    The Mackie SRM650 Powered PA Speaker is an incredibly versatile loudspeaker that delivers 1600 watts through a 15-inch speaker for remarkable output, clarity and simplicity! This speaker is built ...
    Price: $879.99
    Save: $310.04 (35%)
    $569.95ex VAT      $569.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha DXR10 Powered PA Speaker
    The Yamaha DXR10 10 inch powered PA speaker is portable which is ideal for a wide range of applications .The DXR10 is capable of producing an astonishing 131 dB SPL in a compact, functional design. ...
    Price: $899.00
    Save: $359.05 (40%)
    $539.95ex VAT      $539.95inc VAT
  • Electro Voice ETX15P 15in 2Way Powered Loudspeake
    With state-of-the-art components and innovative features, the ETX-15P powered PA speaker by Electro Voice is ideal for almost any touring or installed live sound application! A remarkable 2,000 watts of power is ...
    Price: $1,299.00
    Save: $439.05 (34%)
    $859.95ex VAT      $859.95inc VAT
  • Peavey PV215D Powered PA Speaker
    The surprisingly light weight Peavey PV215D Powered PA Speaker delivers high fidelity and impressive power using Peavey's patented and legendary speaker and power amp technology. The PV215D gives ...
    Price: $599.99
    Save: $200.04 (33%)
    $399.95ex VAT      $399.95inc VAT
  • Behringer Eurolive B212D Powered PA Speaker-Used
    Behringer B212D Powered PA Speaker; Ultra-compact and light weight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels. Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D ...
    Price: $449.99
    Save: $230.04 (51%)
    $219.95ex VAT      $219.95inc VAT
  • Mackie Thump15 Powered PA Speaker
    Only the Mackie Thump15 1000-watt 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker delivers the class-leading, chest-thumping low end you deserve. With 1000W of power, the Thump15 provides the high output you need in a package ...
    Price: $469.99
    Save: $220.04 (47%)
    $249.95ex VAT      $249.95inc VAT
  • Electro Voice ETX35P 15in 3Way Powered Loudspeake
    Incredible full-range audio is what the ETX-35P is all about! Electro Voice designed the ETX series with the goal to provide sound professionals with the most advanced portable powered loudspeakers available. The ...
    Price: $1,499.00
    Save: $450.00 (30%)
    $1,049.00ex VAT      $1,049.00inc VAT
  • Behringer B112W 1000Wt 12 In Bluetooth PA Speaker-Used
    With built-in Bluetooth connectivity and 1,000 watts of power, the Behringer Eurolive B112W Bluetooth Powered PA Speaker is perfect for live bands, DJs, presentations, parties and more! ...
    Price: $449.99
    Save: $205.04 (46%)
    $244.95ex VAT      $244.95inc VAT
  • Mackie SRM550 1600W 12in Powered Loudspkr
    The Mackie SRM550 Powered PA Speaker delivers an incredible 1600-watts and a new level of ruggedness, output, clarity and simplicity in a 12-inch design ideal as a main or monitor! This remarkably ...
    Price: $749.99
    Save: $280.04 (37%)
    $469.95ex VAT      $469.95inc VAT
  • Mackie SRM450V3 1000 Watt 12in Powered Loudspeake
    With a proven performance history that can’t be matched, the Mackie SRM450 v3 speaker improves upon its stellar legacy with a powerful new 1000W amp platform perfect for high-output applications. Now ...
    Price: $629.99
    Save: $230.04 (37%)
    $399.95ex VAT      $399.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha MSR400 Powered PA Speaker
    The Yamaha MSR400 Powered Speaker is a bi-amped two-way speaker cabinet with the power amps built right in! It uses a 225W amp to power the 12” woofer and a 75W amp to power the 1.75” compression driver. ...
    Price: $749.00
    Save: $424.05 (57%)
    $324.95ex VAT      $324.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha DXR15 Powered PA Speaker
    The DXR15 speaker achieves class-leading SPLs and full bandwidth performance by combining a powerful Class-D amplifier with a high-power woofer and Yamaha's cutting edge technologies. Throw in ...
    Price: $1,199.00
    Save: $479.05 (40%)
    $719.95ex VAT      $719.95inc VAT
  • QSC KW152 Loudspeaker Powered PA Speaker- Used
    The QSC KW152 is a 15 inch, 1000 watt powered pa speaker. Featuring tour-grade 16 gauge steel grilles, the KW152 loudspeaker is made to withstand the wear of the road.  QSC KW152 Loudspeaker ...
    Price: $1,499.00
    Save: $420.00 (28%)
    $1,079.00ex VAT      $1,079.00inc VAT
  • QSC KW122 Loudspeaker Powered PA Speaker- Used
    The QSC KW122 Loudspeaker is a 12 inch, 1000 watt powered PA speaker. Rugged and made to outlast the wear of the road, the KW122 loudspeaker is versital and can also function as a stage ...
    Price: $1,399.00
    Save: $409.05 (29%)
    $989.95ex VAT      $989.95inc VAT
  • QSC K8 Powered PA Speaker- Used
    The QSC K8 Powered PA Speaker is powered by a Pat Quilter designed 1000 watt QSC Class D power module. Extensive DSP processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total ...
    Price: $849.99
    Save: $260.04 (31%)
    $589.95ex VAT      $589.95inc VAT
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