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    Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor Station

    From  $84.95ex VAT$84.95inc VAT
    The Rolls PM351 More Me Personal Monitor is a personal monitor, mic splitter, and a Direct Box all in one. The PM351 was designed for the stage or recording singer/instrumentalist who needs to monitor  ...
    Rolls MX56C Mini Mix Audio Video Mixer

    From  $79.95ex VAT$79.95inc VAT
    The Rolls MX56C is ideal for the audio/video application where a microphone needs to be mixed with a stereo source such as a CD/MP3/DVD player, or wireless microphone to a video camera or sound system for  ...
    Rolls MX28 Mini Mix VI Stereo Mixer

    From  $75.00ex VAT$75.00inc VAT
    Ideal for keyboards or lots of other mixing applications, the MX28 MINI-MIX IV provides 3 line-level stereo input channels. Leave that bulky rackmount mixer in the trailer and carry this compact, powerful little  ...
    Rolls PB223 Mic Power II Phantom Power Supply

    From  $59.95ex VAT$59.95inc VAT
    The PB223 is for powering phantom powered microphones with 48VDC. Since the unit uses a 100KHz switching power supply there is no audio noise generated. The PB223 has output pull down resistors so it will work  ...
    Rolls MS111 Momentary/Latching Microphone Muting Switch

    From  $49.95ex VAT$49.95inc VAT
    The Rolls MS111 Momentary/Latching Microphone Muting Switch is a general purpose muting switch for microphones and will pass phantom power. The MS111 is configurable to be Push to Mute, Release to  ...
    Rolls MSC106 Mic Stand Clamp for Rolls Accessory Boxes

    From  $19.95ex VAT$19.95inc VAT
    The Rolls MSC106 is a mic stand clamp that will allow any Rolls accessory (HA43, PM350, MX56, MX28, etc) to be clamped to the barrel of a mic stand for  ...