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1. Q) Why should children study music at earlier ages? Yamaha PSR
    A) A great way to enhance your child's learning is through music. Scientific research on the neurological and developmental effects of music has shown impressive results, reinforcing the theory that it is an extremely valuable tool for learning. Also, music improves spatial-temporal reasoning, a neurological process needed to understand mathematics. Encourage music appreciation throughout your child's developmental years – it’s an outstanding way to help your child succeed.

2. Q) Will my child’s music education interfere with other areas of their learning?
    A) Absolutely not.  In fact, children that are actively involved in musical instruction actually tend to do better in almost all areas of education.  Exposure to music at an early age can also help interpersonal relationships and foster lifelong friendships that a child will value forever.  Most children would agree that there is simply nothing like performing in a marching band, choir or other musical group.  Children look forward to these extra-curricular musical activities and view them as positive, invaluable experiences.

3. Q) Do Student Keyboards come with lesson plans and the ability to track progress?
    A) Many of these keyboards do include progressive lesson plans and other exercises to broaden your child’s musical horizons quickly and effectively. Some models even include light-up keys as well as the ability to connect to a computer to help with memorization, chords and fingering.

4. Q) Should I start my child on a full-size digital piano or a smaller, more manageable personal keyboard?
    A) A very important issue to address. Although many music instructors insist on teaching students on a full-size upright piano or even a grand or baby grand, consider the following question: Is purchasing a full-size piano a realistic option, financially and otherwise? Acoustic pianos can be very expensive and take up much more room then their digital equivalent. Also, a prime issue for many instructors is the size of the keys. Learning on full-size keys is often their strongest recommendation. Digital pianos should not be dismissed as inexpensive knock-offs to the real thing as the overall sound and feel of many digital pianos is almost identical to a real upright. AMS offers many digital pianos that feature a true-to-life sound and feel. And with many styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your beginning or intermediate music student.

5. Q) My child is 6 years or younger, should I start them with a full-size digital piano, or a smaller, more kid-friendly personal keyboard?
    A) Full size keyboards can be a little intimidating, even to the most precocious youngster.  That’s why kid-friendly keyboards are a great alternative.  These inexpensive instruments are not only fun but very educational too.  But the bottom line is this:  Only you know your child well enough to make the decision to start with a digital piano and formal lessons, or purchase a smaller personal keyboard with built-in electronic lessons. Any exposure to music, however small, is sure to be a benefit to your child.

6. Q) If I get a smaller personal keyboard for my child to start with, will they grow out of it?
    A) No, at least not for a long while. In time, they will outgrow the built-in music education lessons. But personal keyboards come with many sounds, rhythms and features to keep your student engaged for years to come.  And when you add a new keyboard to the collection, the fun can last a lifetime.
Additional questions or help?
American Musical Supply offers a wide selection of digital pianos that are geared towards a more traditional approach to your child's musical education.  Click here to see all our digital pianos. AMS also offers lighted-key personal keyboards that are an outstanding way to start your kids in the right direction, without the high costs of an instructor (the keyboard is the instructor.)  Click here to see our collection of lighted-key, educational and fun personal keyboards for beginners or experienced players.