Catch a Break at AMS - Creem Circus

Where did the art of performing go? If you asked the members Creem Circus – aptly named after their two favorite music magazines from the 70’s, they would tell you there is a severe lack of performance based rock and roll in this day and age, and they have set out to change that.

Composed of Chris DiPinto (Guitar, Vocals), Rob Giglio (Drums), Jim Cara (Guitar) and Dave Janney (Bass), the foursome was raised on the theatrics and impressive instrumentals of 70’s and 80’s stadium and glam rock are aiming to bring it back. A genre which depends just as much on the proper flare of your bell bottoms as it does the bends in your solos, we’re not talking about “four chord stare-at-your-shoes” rock n roll - these songs are the real deal... read more